Our Asian Screenprints..
Dew Drop
Far East Floral
Lake Reeds
River Currents on
Amber Bali
To place an order, call us at 707-937-0431
between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time.
Our Asian screenprints are a unique product derived from antique Katagami stencils. The original stencils
are painstakingly cut by Japanese artisans using Shibugami paper. Then the stencil designs are
transferred to a silkscreen and printed on a variety of Bali fine cottons. The open border around the
designs is used by the printmaker to lift up the fabric, covered by the wet ink, after the design is hand
squeegeed through the screen. This blank border is available for you to personalize your quilt or use in
another project. After printing, the screen prints are each heat set to insure washability and are cut to
fat quarter size for your ease in use.

Individual print size varies by design chosen but are approximately 14 1/2" by 15 - 18".

Price: $7.00 per piece

There are various colors - call to discuss which color you are interested in.
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